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Eat Healthy, Support Local Farms and Fight Breast Cancer!
Local Fare is a company that provides locally grown CHEF inspired produce delivered to your home. They will donate $2 to Susan G. Komen for every farm bag purchased..

Recycle Your Old Clothes and Fight Breast Cancer
Donate used clothing to American Textile Recycling Service to help in the fight against breast cancer..

Affiliate Monthly
Komen Central Florida Announces 2014-2015 Grants!

We are ecstatic to announce our new Grantees that will be providing life saving programs right here in your community!

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Donate, volunteer, sponsor, participate in some of the ongoing events or ask us about how you can host your own.

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Florida Becomes an Oral Parity State

Due to the hard work of our volunteers and alliances with other cancer organizations, Florida is now a state with oral parity laws!

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National Spotlight
New BC Susceptibility Gene
A study published in Nature Genetics marks the discovery of a new susceptibility gene called RECQL, which paves the way for future discoveries that will allow women to assess their risk and take action. Komen helped fund this research. Learn more now.

Answering Questions About Soy and BC
Many women are still looking for answers to key questions about soy’s potential risks and benefits. Ongoing research has helped to answer some of these questions.